These are the videos that make me love the internet.

UPDATE: As it would turn out, the video that actually made the internet great was a video from 2016 posted by Aaron McAvoy. Also, the sound you're hearing isn't the dog's tail, but Aaron's wonky washing machine. Check out more of his videos here on his official Facebook page.

If you have ten seconds and love to laugh, I've got the perfect video for you. Watch as this dachshund pup provides the beats for a hilarious rendition of Mel McDaniel's 'Louisiana Saturday Night' in a video posted to Facebook by Ismael Vasquez.

I may or may not have watched this video 35 times in a row and it's funnier every time. For reference, here's the original song. Not bad, right?

Does your dog or pet do anything like this? If so, please share because this is great.

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