From the aroma of the bayou to a freshly baked beignet, the smells of Louisiana are something you can never forget. So, what better way to show your mom how special she is this Mother's Day than by giving her scented candles that remind her of the amazing times you've spent together in this beautiful state.

I mean, who doesn't love candles? Especially when they smell like Shrimp Boot Season, Beignets, and Gator Kisses! I'm sure you'e wonder what gator kisses actually smell like and according to Taszia Chatellier, a Gator Kisses candle is made with geranium, Indian spices and clove.

You can take a look at the other scents perfect for any Louisiana mama like Cajun Queen, Louisiana Saturday Night and even VooDoo on NolaAndNeighbors Etsy Shop.

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