Officials with the Lafayette Police Department have arrested someone in connection with a shooting that happened Tuesday morning at the intersection of Johnston and Garfield Streets.

Lafayette Police Department Spokesman Sergeant Wayne Griffin says, in a press release, that police have arrested 18-year-old Jeremy George in connection with the shooting incident that happened around twenty minutes before the noon hour on Tuesday, May 19.

Lafayette Police Department investigators say that while they worked the case they were able to gather information about details and circumstanced surrounding Tuesday's shooting. Once they put the information together they were able to obtain an arrested warrant for George on a charge of Attempted 1st Degree Murder.

Officials with the Lafayette Police Department have not given any indication yet about what the motive was behind the shooting incidents that unfolded at a busy Lafayette intersection.

Yesterday, Griffin says that detectives brought George down to an inteview room at the Lafayette Police Department where they spoke to him about the circumstances surrounding the situation that prompted the 911 call about a shooting.

After talking to George, Griffin says that the investigators took George to the Lafayette Parish Correction Center were he was then booked on the above charge.

On Tuesday, officers who were called out to the scene of the shooting found a man who had been shot in the lower half of his body. Officers called in paramedics who were able to stabilize the man with treatment at that location. The victim was then taken to a local hospital to further address his gunshot wound.

At the time that officers converged on the scene, there was no suspect in that area. Griffin says that the person responsible for the shooting had already fled the intersection of Johnston and Garfield Streets by the time they were able to get to the scene.


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