A man is now in custody in Las Vegas after showing up to a woman's house and threatening to do some terrible things to her. The entire incident was caught on a doorbell camera and the chilling threats that were made has caused many on social media to think twice about opening the door for a stranger.

In the interest of transparency, you should know that the threats made in the video below involve rape and murder. It is quite the terrifying scene, so be warned.

One Facebook user was home alone in Las Vegas when a man approached her front door. With the woman not recognizing the man, she didn't address him or stay near the doorway. The man began ringing the doorbell and asking the woman inside of the home, "Are you sure?" as he knocked repeatedly.

Facebook via Amanda Nowak
Facebook via Amanda Nowak

He continued on, "I just have a couple of questions for you", pleading with the woman inside to open up. The man was starting to walk away from the front door when the woman's husband addressed him via the doorbell speaker. This is when the threats began.

*** WARNING - The below video may be disturbing to some viewers ***

See her Facebook post below with the video of the incident included.

The latest update from the woman who originally posted the surveillance footage says that the man is now in custody. This is fantastic news as, clearly, this individual had the worst of  intentions when he approached the woman's home that evening.

The man was telling the woman's husband that he had a knife and wanted to rape and kill her. An absolute nightmare situation for the woman inside the home and her husband who wasn't there at the time.

Security cameras or video doorbells are almost a must these days. You simply just never know who could approach your home and what they may want. Always remember to keep your doors locked, even when you and others are inside of the house.

Once again, I am thankful that this threat is off of the streets and I hope that the woman who had to suffer through the incident is doing well.

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