Call it the crazy news story of the day, but this actually happened in the Susquehanna River in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. A man was spotted floating in the river by by-standers and it set off a wave of panic.Joseph DeAngelo was spotted by by-standers floating in the river and they assumed he was DEAD!! Soon there after police, fireman, the corners office, and news stations arrived on the scene to retrieve the man's body from the river.



However, the incident took a bizarre turn when Joseph DeAngelo sat-up and told police he was just napping in the water. DeAngelo was lying in the water, while wearing a life jacket, yet was not aware of the chaos surrounding him.

Just as officials were prepared to investigate the scene, a seemingly miraculous event occurred; the man got up. WNEP cameras rolled as the man stood up and walked out of the river. The man in the river said he was "out like a light," and was not aware that many around him thought that he was dead!!!