Here we again, another photo of a rather large snake has surfaced on the social media site Facebook. Earlier this week, photos were posted here and on facebook of a large snake reportedly in the Broussard area. Now, the latest photo is that of another large snake, but this time around the Oberlin, La. area.I came across this photo on Facebook today and the person who posted the photo state that this snake was spotted in a popular river near the small town of  Oberlin.

The only small river that I know of around Oberlin is the Whiskey Chitto River (Ouiska Chitto River). The river is a popular attraction at this time of the year for canoeing and tubing by locals.

We should note here that an illegal snake farm was recently discovered in that area, Allen Parish. However, we cannot confirm if any of the snakes were released into the wild. However, locals will tell you that the owner of that snake farm had thousands of snakes, some small and some large.

In any case, we are curious as to why we are seeing more and more photos of these large snakes in Acadiana. Is it because posting photos has become relatively easy, thus reporting the sightings has become easier as well? In any case, we hope that these snakes don't pose a danger to anyone and that nobody tries to capture these snakes if there around Acadiana.