A man recorded his own shark attack! Just in time for spring break! LOL!!

Experts say that sharks rarely attack humans. You might want to take notes before going scuba diving on this beautiful reef in the Cayman Islands.

Jason Dimitri was scuba diving with a GoPro camera attached to his scuba gear, he was looking for lionfish. All of a sudden a shark came out of nowhere and attacked Jason.

He was in about 70 feet of water when the attack happened. Jason Said:

"It scared the crap out of me"

The only thing Jason had on him was a spear, which he used several times to poke at the attacking shark.

Jason said even though he was attacked that he will go back and scuba dive and continue his work.

Happy first day of spring, now try and get the Jaws theme out of your head while on the beach for spring break. : )




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