Golfers love to say, "It's never a bad day if you're on the golf course". Unless, of course, you are this guy who accidentally sends a golf cart crashing through double glass doors. To make matters worse, he proceeds to send the cart crashing through the pro-shop, seemingly destroying everything.

Watch the insane video via @P_NuttinOnEm below

Now, the first question that comes to mind is, "Why?". Why did they have a golf cart inside of the Pro-Shop? Why was the man trying to move it? Why ON EARTH would he continue to go ahead and send the golf cart into more destruction???

All of these questions, I may never have an answer to. But, I do feel bad for this older gentlemen who I am assuming is an employee of the golf course. Maybe even the owner, who knows.

He made a mistake by sending this cart reversing through the doors. Fine, crazy stuff happens.

But then he had to mess with the cart again, sending it screeching forward into what I assume is bunch of golf merchandise. Probably not too cheap, either!

Let's hope that the damage was limited and that this guy gets this mess cleaned up before whoever in charge got back.

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