A bizarre incident involving a stolen golf cart has left residents of Carencro and Lafayette in shock as an unidentified woman allegedly took the small vehicle on a wild joyride through busy streets before being apprehended by authorities.

The incident began when Joby Hebert reported the theft of his golf cart from his private property in Carencro. However, the situation quickly escalated as shocking videos emerged showing the alleged thief maneuvering the stolen cart recklessly through traffic along major roadways in Lafayette Parish, including Gloria Switch Road and University Avenue.

Eyewitnesses at the scene reported that the woman appeared to be driving with abandon, "running red lights" and dangerously "weaving in and out of traffic." Some witnesses even claimed that she was "flipping everyone the middle finger" while overtaking other vehicles in the middle lane.

According to one witness, the woman's driving was erratic and appeared as if she was under the influence, stating, "She looked high, driving crazy, swerving in and out of traffic like she had no care in the world."

Local authorities managed to intercept the golf cart near Four Corners, situated at the intersection of University Avenue and Cameron Street in Lafayette. However, the situation took an unexpected turn when the woman allegedly refused to reveal her identity and reportedly had no form of identification on her.

Officials have reportedly told Hebert that they cannot proceed with formal charges until her identity is confirmed. An individual who is thought to be connected with local law enforcement shared a post on Facebook describing the suspect as a white female with long brown hair, appearing to be in her 20s or 30s.


The post also indicated that she was taken into custody around noon on Thursday, August 10, 2023, and that she "refuses to give her name."

Authorities have urged anyone who may have a missing family member to contact the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center at 337-236-5400 to make inquiries, as they work to establish the woman's identity and contact her family.

Meanwhile, the incident has left the community both bewildered and concerned. Joby Hebert, along with his friends and family, is appealing to the public for assistance in identifying the woman in the hope that justice can be served. Local Lafayette Parish residents and those who have viewed the wild videos on social media have been left to wonder what could have motivated the woman to launch into such a reckless escapade with a stolen golf cart.

Efforts to gather more information from local law enforcement are ongoing, and updates will be provided as the story develops.

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