If you or someone you know has been looking for a J-O-B today might be your lucky day. McDonald's Corp has announced a one-day spring hiring spree to fight the cliche term "McJob"; used in a context that describes low wage, dead-end work.

The global restaurant chain said it plans to hire as many as 50,000 new U.S. employees -- ranging from restaurant crew to managers -- on April 19. The move would increase the hamburger company's U.S. workforce by 7.7 percent to 700,000

It sound like a dramatic move, but such hiring is common leading up to the busy summer months. McDonald's spokeswoman Ashlee Yingling says

"Our total hires are similar to past years, but the goal of hiring 50,000 people in one day across the U.S. is unique"

Yingling also added that while this April hiring event is to prep for the upcoming busy summer months, there will be more than just seasonal jobs available. It will be a mix of temporary AND permanent jobs.


McDonald's hourly employees typically make more than you would think. while "minimum wage" may come to mind when you think of the person taking your lunch order in the drive-thru, but actually that person behind the crackling speaker is often making more than $8 per hour.

Many of McDonald's top execs and franchise owners worked their way up the company ranks showing proof that

"a McJob is one with career growth and endless possibilities"

McDonald's held a similar event in its Western region last year. More than 60,000 people applied for the 13,000 positions.

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