New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas stripped down for the latest 'Body Issue' of ESPN The Magazine.

The Saints star became a $100 million dollar man over the offseason as the first receiver to sign such a deal. This week, Thomas is making headlines for a completely different reason. ESPN's 'The Body Issue' gives an unfiltered look at the physiques of athletes who are at the top of their sports.

Thomas bared it all for the most recent issue and elaborated on how his body has improved since he made the jump from college to the pros.

In college, you can't afford to get massages or see different trainers. It's like having a Ferrari and taking it to enhance it; taking care of your body, the things you eat, and identifying your weaknesses and strengths and enhancing your weaknesses is how I look at it.

If you follow him on Twitter, you know that his handle @CantGuardMike has become a household battle cry for Saints fans who are witness to his unbelievable talent. According to Thomas, nothing that he does—from his tweets to his most recent mega-deal—is an accident.

My plan was always to be the first $100 million receiver. All my steps, all my moves, the way I acted, the way I handle my business, the way I treat people -- it was all intentional

Other athletes featured in the issue with Mike include golfer Brooks Koepka, gymnast Kately Ohashi, and basketball player Chris Paul.

See Mike's full interview and more photos here.

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