Michigan is reporting what they call a serious problem with Louisiana red swamp crawfish invading ponds and other bodies of water. A year after it was first reported, it has grown into an "epidemic". It's even being called "disastrous". Officials could resort to chemical control, "bleaching" water to get rid of them.

Wxyz.com reports Louisiana red swamp crawfish are taking over any body of water they're in. Our crawfish are bigger and meaner than native Michigan crawfish, so they just take over.

Another concern is that the Louisiana red swamp crawfish will eat small mouth bass eggs, essentially putting a serious dip in the fish's population, which would definitely not be good.

All that aside, what they call a problem, we call a blessing.

From wxyz.com -

"If you spot a red swamp crayfish you’re asked to take pictures of the species you are reporting. Also note the location, date and time of the observation — if you capture a red swamp crayfish you can keep it in the freezer for further observation if needed; it’s considered the most humane way to kill the species, according to Michigan DNR."

Michigan, don't be afraid, your friends down here in Louisiana will help you out here. I promise you, we can catch, cook and eat away your crawfish problem in one weekend. Just give a ring bab.

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