It has been six days since a girl from Lafayette, LA named Mickey Shunick went missing and her family - backed by the overwhelming support of the community - is stopping at nothing in their effort to bring her home. The story went national earlier this week with features on CNN, GMA, Nancy Grace's HLN and many others. Now, celebrities and athletes from Drew Brees and Howie Mandel to ESPN anchors and MTV reality stars are sending out re-tweets to millions of their followers to help bring Mickey home.

This new website, setup and hosted free of charge by Lafayette resident Kyle Pinkley, contains the facts related to the search for Mickey Shunick. Information on how you can help, contacts, the latest developments and important links to photos, videos and other related websites are all on the site. It is officially updated by volunteers and we are asking that you check it regularly and share it with as many people as you know.

A benefit concert was also announced on the official FIND MICKEY NOW Facebook page.

mickey shunick benefit concert

A benefit concert will be held on Sunday, 5/27 at Parc International (downtown Lafayette) on Mickey's behalf! Gates will open at 5 PM: the first band TBA starting at 5:30 PM, with GIVERS closing out the show at 7 PM! SUGGESTED donation admission is $15, but all monetary donations will be accepted. No alcohol will be available at Mickey's benefit. Everyone please spread the word, so we can have a successful turnout to bring Mickey back home! ♥


Earlier today we were at 100 Ryan Street - the official headquarters for the search effort - and the volunteers were echoing the sentiment of the family for everyone to stick to the facts and not let rumors or hearsay shift focus, bring unneeded negativity or hinder the investigation of a situation that has been seemingly unbearable for many to deal with since day one.

Because of the need for more room to work, tomorrow, (5/24/12), the headquarters will move from 100 Ryan Street to the Our Lady of Wisdom Center at the corner of St. Mary and McKinley Street on the UL campus.

Any food donations NEED to be brought to the new location. We will probably be trying to make this transition around 9-10 am. If volunteers can come out to the Ryan St. location around that time to help move supplies to the new location that would be wonderful! Once again we thank you all for your help and support during our time of crisis. You have all been so amazing and we all believe we are closer than ever to bringing Mickey home!!


One BIG way you can help is by simply checking your property. Just walk your backyard. Maybe you have a shed, or an area around your property that is either vacant or abandoned. Just walk around your area and look for anything that may help in the search efforts. At the very least, please share this post via your Facebook, Twitter, Email list etc. Anything is better than nothing. Thank you!

Mickey Shunick: 10 Steps

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