Miley Cyrus opened up about kids and when she plans on having them with husband Liam Hemsworth.

The "Mother's Daughter" singer covers next month's issue of ELLE, in which she got candid about why she's waiting for people to take climate change seriously before starting a family. The 26-year-old pop star explained she doesn't want to bring another person into this "piece-of-s--t" planet if things don't change.

In fact, she compared the world's treatment of the earth to the way they treat women.

"We’ve been doing the same thing to the earth that we do to women," Cyrus told the magazine. "We just take and take and expect it to keep producing. And it’s exhausted. It can’t produce."

"We’re getting handed a piece-of-shit planet, and I refuse to hand that down to my child," she continued. "Until I feel like my kid would live on an earth with fish in the water, I’m not bringing in another person to deal with that."

Elsewhere in her interview, Cyrus spoke about the societal expectations that are placed on women.

“We’re expected to keep the planet populated,” she explained. “And when that isn’t a part of our plan or our purpose, there is so much judgment and anger that they try to make and change laws to force it upon you—even if you become pregnant in a violent situation. If you don’t want children, people feel sorry for you, like you’re a cold, heartless b--ch who’s not capable of love. Why are we trained that love means putting yourself second and those you love first? If you love yourself, then what? You come first."

Cyrus also went on to say that she doesn't like the term "wife" because she doesn't fit into the stereotypical role at all in that she's not at home in a "f--king apron cooking dinner." Instead, she prefers the word partner.

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