Nobody ever said being a mom is easy, and in my opinion it may be the most difficult job out there, but what do women say they need to improve upon to be a better mom? Watch what ladies say they think they can improve upon, and then watch how their own children really view them.

Every mom wants to be the best mom possible for their child, or at least they should want to be, but at times even the best mom out there thinks that she can improve upon a few of her parenting skills. There is no road map to being a great mom, but sometimes the small things you do for your child are way bigger than you think.

While the moms in this video may think that they aren't the best parent out there, their kids see it differently. This should give every parent, mom and dads, out there a different perspective on parenthood. By the way, doesn't this video make you want to call your mom today and just "thank you?" I know I do.

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