Every Monday morning, we bring your deepest anonymous confessions to the airwaves for what we like to call radio group therapy.

The confessors remain nameless, but the confessions are real—and the situations are usually complicated. This week's Monday Morning Confession is no exception as this anonymous listener is in a bind because she lied to a close friend about why she couldn't attend her first "real" singing gig.

This weekend one of my childhood friends wanted me to go watch her sing at a bar here in town. It was her first “real” gig singing, but I ended up getting invited to a really cool party so I told her I couldn’t go due to a very important “work obligation.” well… I randomly ended up seeing a mutual childhood friend of ours at that party who had come into town for the weekend. She even mentioned that she had plans with our mutual friend later that weekend. So, now... I'm freaking out because I know there’s a chance she’ll bring up the fact that she saw me. So do I just wait to see if my friend ever brings it up, or do I get ahead of it now and just be honest with her that I lied?

Have you ever been in a situation like this before? How did you handle it? If you've got any advice, feel free to call the show (337-234-1079) or drop her a comment with your thoughts and hot takes.

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