Every Monday morning, we bring your deepest anonymous confessions to the airwaves for what we like to call radio group therapy.

The confessors remain nameless, but the confessions are real—and the situations are usually complicated. This week's Monday Morning Confession is no exception as this anonymous listener is in a bind because rent is due and her roommate doesn't have her half.

So, rent is due and I have my half of the rent that’s owed but my roommate doesn’t.
I’ve never not paid my rent or my half so I don’t know what to do in this kind of situation.
I’m not trying to put my roommate's business out there or why she doesn’t have her half, it’s a long story! She’s def not doing it on purpose, it’s just hard times right now. So that’s all I’ll say.
Do I take money out of my savings to cover her half? And just let her pay me back? (Which wouldn’t be right away)
Do I tell my landlord and just give him my half?
How does this work??!!

Should she pull money out of savings to pay her roommates rent? Will she ever get that money back?

Rosie chimed in on Facebook saying that she paid for her roommate once and it became a bigger issue down the road.


R Facebook, 1079ishot

Elizabeth explained why the landlord doesn't care about "half" of the rent and also gave advice on how our anonymous confessor could "CYA."

Facebook, 1079ishot

Shay brings up a good point by asking why the burden was on the roommate to loan her the money.

Facebook, 1079ishot

Have you ever been in a situation like this? If you've got any advice, feel free to call the show (337-234-1079) or drop her a comment with your thoughts and hot takes.

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