It appears that since the The Royal Wedding, more and more people have taken notice of their rear end, and they are now doing something about it. During what may be the wedding of the century, we were all introduced to Pipa Middleton, the sister to Catherine Middleton. Pipa became a household name after many blog sites, web sites, and other outlets praised her not for her attire at the ceremony, but for her well defined "rump." In fact, Pipa Middleton's rear end became so famous, it has over 220-Thousand Fans/Likes on Facebook and since we first introduced to her "rump," the Daily Star reports that there has been a 60% increase in demands for a the butt lift. It says that one clinic is now promoting the "Pip Package Perfect Posterior" surgery, which can run up to nearly $13,000, depending on what's done.

While we have often heard of other "enhancement surgeries," the butt lift has me shaking my head. Number one, if the booty is sagging there is probably a reason it is. I'm sure once the procedure is complete, you have to do things to keep it that way. Does this type surgery force you into exercising? And if so, do you think those that get the lift can commit to the new form of life it may require? Honestly, do you think you'd ever resort to such type surgery just to say, "I have a booty?"

By the way, for those not familiar with Pipa Middleton, allow me to introduce you to her "Assets."


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