Every Monday morning, we bring your deepest anonymous confessions to the airwaves for what we like to call radio group therapy.

The confessors remain nameless, but the confessions are real—and the situations are usually complicated. This week's Monday Morning Confession is no exception as a husband is having a hard time bringing up a touchy subject with his wife.

I want to convince my wife to get plastic surgery - but I don't know how to bring up the conversation. She has actually brought up getting a boob job numerous times, complaining that her body was wrecked after having kids - but just when I thought I would be seeing some “enhancements” in my future, one of her friends who complains about everything recently had a TERRIBLE experience with the recovery and I think it may have scared her off from the idea for good. How do I get her back on the enhancement train without checking myself into the dog house? - Anonymous

So what should he do? Is there a way for him to get what he wants without it costing him a trip to the doghouse?

Amanda sounded off suggesting that it's very likely that his wife never wanted plastic surgery in the first place, but instead may have been looking for reassurance that he still found her attractive.


Mike was one of the men who chimed in saying that instead of figuring out how to convince his wife to get plastic surgery, he should be figuring out how to "be a better husband."


Other commenters ranged from those who thought he should tell his wife "how it was going to be" to those who said he should just avoid the conversation altogether.


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