It's getting hot outside and that means it's time to protect yourself from mosquitoes.

The question is, why do you get bit more than the person sitting next to you? The first thing you might say is because they like your blood better then theirs. Or like my mom would say" you must have that sweet blood." LOL!!!

According to the website Shreddin it has nothing to do with blood at all. So why do they bite certain people more then others?

Researchers say mosquitoes will gravitate towards you based on the bacteria on your skin. The bacteria will actually secrete chemicals that give off a scent more than others. Basically, they will bite people who have a 'very attractive smell.' Kind of like a complement.

Mosquitoes will also bite people who workout outside because they like the carbon dioxide that comes from heavy breathing, they also like the smell of sweat and they love warm bodies.

My advice to you is protect yourself while outside this spring/summer. Not only does the mosquito make you itch when bit, they also spread diseases.


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