Is it just me, or is the temperature increasing our blood pressure as well? A recent survey conducted by the E-Poll Market Research compiled the list of the people we love to hate here in America. And now, here's the top of the charts:

  • 1

    Casey Anthony

    Everyone's Least Favorite Party Girl

    If you turned on the TV over the past few months, you couldn't help but see the face of Casey Anthony, on trial for the murder of her daughter Cayley. I'm not quite sure what was the worst aspect of the case (besides the actual death of Cayley), from the evidence that Casey was in party mode for about a month after the disappearance of her daughter, the fact that she didn't report her daughter missing for a month or the outcome of the trial, with the jury not being able to convict based on the evidence provided. Regardless, her behavior didn't earn points with the average American, and the outrage after the verdict forced Casey to go 'underground' for a while until the dust settled. She has yet to 'tell her story' to any of the major news outlets, all of which are concerned about the backlash of paying her for her story.

  • 2

    Spencer Pratt

    Creepy Beard Guy

    Also known as Heidi Montag's flesh-colored-beard man, Spencer has managed to alienate enough of America to place 2nd on the list. Not quite the most stable person in the world, Spencer's outbursts have been documented on the TV show 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here' as well has appearances on the 'Today Show', where he manages to get underneath Al Roker's skin. A self proclaimed 'fame whore', Spencer has tried to get all aspects of his life in front of the camera, including his relationship with, marriage to, separation with and reconciliation with Heidi Montag.

  • 3

    Nadya Suleman

    The Octomom

    When Nadya Suleman burst on to the scene, the outrage regarding her situation expanded with each and every detail that was released. From the fact that she already had 6 kids and still obtained additional in vitro fertilization for more children, to the concern for the well being of the children, to her ability to provide a suitable shelter for her 14 children with her house in foreclosure. Anger regarding tax dollars being used to assist with her desire to have as many children as possible without regard for the ability to support them didn't help.

  • 4

    OJ Simpson

    If It Doesn't Fit...

    OJ Simpson, former NFL great, spokesman for Hertz and actor in movies such as 'Roots' and 'The Naked Gun' series with Leslie Neilsen, no one expected the events that unfolded on June 12th, 1994. With a cast of characters including Judge Ito, Kato Kaelin and the legal dream team of Johnny Cochran, F. Lee Bailey and Robert Kardashian, it was must see TV as the court proceedings were reenacted on a daily basis using court records as scripts. With the preponderance of evidence, it looked like a sure thing, but when the results were read, Orenthal James Simpson was a free man. The decision brought polar reactions from extreme shock to celebrations of his court win. He vowed to search for the real killers of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, but kept searching on golf courses and Las Vegas hotel rooms, where he robbed someone of memorabilia and subsequently convicted.

  • 5

    Jon Gosselin

    Jon & Kate Plus 8

    Jon Gosselin was part of one of those legendary shows that spawned other shows (although the Duggars with their kids were along way before). 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' on TLC followed the lives of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their 8 children and how they managed to make it through the days of their lives. Originally when watching the show, I kind of felt bad for Jon, as the producers put Kate in a less than flattering light, portraying her as the nagging wife. But as the years went on, and more of the truth came out, it appeared that Jon wasn't such a great catch either. Almost as soon as the separation occurred, Jon was seen socializing and womanizing like he'd been trapped in a loveless relationship for years. He jumped from girl to girl, which didn't go well during the divorce proceedings. After the show was renamed 'Kate Plus 8', Jon attempted to halt the show on behalf of the welfare of the children...something that should have taken place while he was still a regular on the show.

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