Navy SEAL, Travis Fishburn, made a video asking out Jennifer Lawrence, but he knows if you want to score a date with J Law you better bring something to the table, so he shows off his bow-and-arrow, driving and weight lifting skills to win her over.

Ya know what, this might be a match made in heaven. I can see it now, Jennifer and Travis running through the woods, firing off bow-and-arrows and making loving eyes at each other. He would be the Peeta to her Katniss, it would be magical.

You might be wondering why Travis all of a sudden decided to ask out J Law, well, it's because Jennifer said she never get's dates. Yep, you read that right. Jennifer-freaking-Lawrence never get's asked out on dates, and spends her Saturday nights hanging out alone. If Jennifer Lawrence can't get a date what hope do the rest of us have?

[via, Travis Fishburn]

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