New surveillance video shows the deer that was captured after running wild through the halls of Our Lady of the Lake hospital in Baton Rouge. The images from the video show just how shocked people in the hospital were to see a deer running around inside.


We initially reported the story on the deer that was captured after casually walking through the doors of the hospital. New surveillance video, courtesy of CBS News correspondent David Begnaud, shows that the deers entrance was anything but casual.


The deer can be seen in the video running out of bushes and through the automatic doors of the hospital.


The deer is almost all the way in the lobby of the hospital before anyone even noticed its presence.


The deer then its way up the escalators. It's worth mentioning that the deer actually made it up the escalators going the opposite direction of its momentum. Pretty impressive animal.


The deer continued racing on as it shocked more folks inside of the Baton Rouge hospital.


One woman had the double-take of the century as this deer ran right past her.

See the full video from @DavidBegnaud on Twitter below.

I hope that the deer was given the proper veterinary attention after its eventual capture.

Quite the Monday afternoon at the Our Lady of the Lake hospital in Baton Rouge.

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