Would you take a course on Miley Cryus? If you lived in New York you could. There is a collage in upstate New York that offers a Miley Cyrus summer course. They promise not to make you get in front of the class and twerk... It's a twerk free class.

According to the Saratogan newspaper,  Skidmore College is a National Liberal Arts College in Saratoga Springs, New York. If you want to take the course on Miley Cyrus, they're the only ones doing it.

They call the course "The Sociology of Miley Cyrus."

According to ABC News Proffessor Carolyn Chernoff said:

The course will be about Miley Cyrus as a performer and all her incarnations as a way to study such topics as race, gender, class, fame and power.


If you notice, NO TWERKING! I'm pretty sure it will be on the minds of all the students and it will be brought up in conversation. LOL!!

Professor Chernoff also says :

She got the idea after teaching a course on youth culture and one of the films she would show is Miley twerking at the MTV video music awards show


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So you see there will be some twerking!

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