Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker was penalized last weekend after he scored a touchdown because of "excessive celebrating." The problem is, Decker was saluting U.S. troops after his score, and the officials determined that his salute was ruled "excessive." It should be noted, this all happened on the the weekend in which the NFL was honoring all that have ever served our country or are currently serving the country.

The player, according to the league, was penalized for his actions because he dropped to one knee after the touchdown, which is no longer allowed in the league after a score. League officials fear that if this were allowed, it may snow ball into a bigger problem and more excessive celebrating. In recent years, the NFL has really cracked down on celebrations after scores in an effort to not stop on team from upstaging another following a touchdown.

However, Decker did not agree with the penalty. He would later go to his twitter account and have the following to say.


In any case, this has been an ongoing debate for years in the NFL, which some have appropriately labeled the "N.F.L" as the No-Fun-League. I should note here, this all happened on Veteran's Day Weekend, and this penalty came on the same weekend when a Buffalo Bill's player scored a touchdown, ran down the sidleine for 100 yards and gave a ball to a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. Oh, that player was NOT penalized for his actions. But to penalize an NFL player for saluting those who have served is a disgrace to the league. I certainly hope that the NFL offers some sort of apology not so much to the Decker, but to those who he felt the need to salute.

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