Every now and then, the internet reminds me that it can be a beautiful place.

I was reminded about this video from about a month ago when it popped up in my newsfeed on Facebook. Do you ever see a video, but you save it in your brain to watch it later? Yeah, well it only took about 30 days for me to circle back and I'm glad that I did.

Anyone who has been online in 2020 can relate to the divide or exhaustion that one can experience, but let this video be the balance you need in your timeline.

What I loved the most about this video is that all of us have someone like Derlin in our daily lives. Maybe it's your pizza delivery person or your UPS guy. Maybe it's the sweet girl that has checked you out at the grocery store up the street or the person who makes your sandwich at least once a week at your favorite lunch spot.

Spread this love today and brighten up your timeline. I promise you, someone's day will be better for it.

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