Police across America are warning people of a new kind of money-making scam, and it's one that involves a musical instrument.

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More and more across the country, scammers are taking a unique approach when it comes to making money that pulls on the heartstrings (more like violin strings) -- the scammers are pretending to play violin for money and they aren't playing the instrument at all.

These videos are spreading like wildfire across the internet in all corners of the country. In fact, police and authorities are thinking these scammers are a part of a large group that travels together to various parts of the country in an effort to scam people out of money.

In the video below, the woman filming the video approached the man "playing" the violin. She expresses her frustration with the man by saying that people spend all of their lives practicing and playing the violin, and she doesn't think it's fair that he is taking advantage of people's kindness and being a big fake.

Check Out This Woman Confronting a Scammer Pretending to Play Violin"

If you do a simple search on TikTok or Twitter, you'll find countless videos and photos of these scammers all over. Police have already warned citizens of countless creative ways these schemers are attempting to make money.

If you see them, call the police. You will definitely be able to tell if they aren't truly playing the instrument.

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