Ladies, imagine you are in a private plane with your boyfriend and he pretends that the plane is crashing!!! Then suddenly, he asks you the question you have been waiting for your whole life---"Will You Marry Me?" Do you even answer the question or do you prank him back and say, "I'll have to think about it?"

This is precisely what happened to the woman in this video. While high soaring through the clouds with his girlfriend, a pilot tells his soon to be fiance that they are crashing and that she should read the owners manual for further instruction.

Much to her surprise, the woman will read a marriage proposal rather than emergency instructions. Still, I ask, would any of you ladies even give this guy the time of the day after he painted a picture of your death or do you accept. And guys, would you ever dare try something like this with your woman? In any case, this story seems to turnout well for the young couple. An NO, the plane did not crash!!!