Carlee Russell admitted to fabricating her disappearance on July 24th, when investigators read a letter written by Russell specifying that her story was entirely made up and was asking for "prayers and forgiveness" at this time.

Since then the public has expressed frustration with the hoax Russel created taking time and resources away from actual missing persons cases. Many have said they wish to see charges pressed and justice served to set a precedent that this type of behavior won't be tolerated by law enforcement in the future.

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Carlee Russell, Facebook
Carlee Russell, Facebook

Today July 28th, around noon, Carlee Russell turned herself into the Hoover police department after being issued a warrant for her arrest, where she posted bail for two Class A Misdemeanor charges.

According to the Hoover Chief of Police, Nicholas C. Derziz, the charges carried a bond of $1,000 each and are punishable by up to a year in jail and a $6,000 fine if convicted.

Russell was released from jail after posting bond today.


The story opened wounds for families whose loved ones really were victims of kidnappings, some of which even helped organize searches.

Hoover Police Chief Nicholas C. Derzis shares that they have received hundreds of calls from local and national citizens sharing their frustrations with this case and hoping that justice will be served.

Not only does Derzis not feel like these charges are enough, the entire Hoover community, and those following this case nationally, are disappointed that she may not see a day in jail after everything she put her community through since her alleged disappearance.

Via Twitter
Via Twitter

Hoover Police thank everyone who stepped up and volunteered their time. However, they sympathize with those who have reopened wounds to help bring Carlee home when they still have family members of their own actually missing at this time.

There are no details on whether her family will face charges or if anyone was involved with her during the 48 hours she was missing. They are still investigating those details and will update the public as more information becomes available.

Her decisions that night created panic and alarm for the citizens of our city and even across the nation as concern grew that a kidnapper was on the loose using a small child as bait

Hoover Police say the next step is letting the Attorney General's office do their job while they go through case files and get ready for prosecution and that they are actively looking into having the law revised regarding falsely reporting a kidnapping.

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