If you recall a few days ago we reported that the Federal Aviation Administration announced in their preliminary report that the Baton Rouge Police Dept. helicopter that crashed may have hit trees prior to going down in a cane field.

The FAA's initial report stated that the helicopter's tail rotor struck a tree and crashed inverted in a field.

Since that initial report was released, some changes or updates have come out of this investigation.

The FAA has now said that the aircraft “crashed under unknown circumstances.”

Sadly, two BRPD officers perished in this terrible accident, Cpl. Scotty Canezaro and Sgt. David Poirrier, 47.

The investigation into this crash continues as investigators continue to go through the wreckage from the crash site, which has now been removed from the field where the helicopter went down.

When more updates are announced in regard to this accident, we'll provide them here.

Our thoughts are with the families of these two BRPD officers and the entire police force in Baton Rouge.


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