It happens every year. I hear of a friend of mine who is no longer employed because of something that went horribly wrong at the office Christmas party. Usually that something that went wrong was too much to drink and the saying things that couldn't be unsaid. People in the radio industry have enough trouble keeping their mouths shut, they don't need booze to loosen the lips.

Here is the conundrum. Your company has gone to the trouble to put on a soiree' for the office. You want to show your appreciation but you also want to be employed on the next business day. Believe it or not, there is a happy medium.  The usually means that even though drinks are free, we should curb our thirst and plan ahead.

We can enjoy ourselves but not too much, for a lot of reasons, things at the party but also having a designated driver. That’s probably the biggest thing. It’s usually a business casual type of dress.

Dr. Mark Rosa is a Business Professor at Tulane University, he made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network.

Rosa says even if you aren't the party type it's a good idea to at least drop by the office party and say hello. This goes a long way in showing your co-workers respect and showing appreciation to your superiors for hosting the party.  He does remind you that some of the people you might meet at the office party might look like regular guests, but they could be connected in high places.

You’re bumping into your bosses, or your boss’, boss’ boss’ and it’s the first time to see them and those are the ones that we have to worry about more because it’s usually with alcohol or late at night.

While it's true it's a party, it's still just an extension of the business day. Rosa's advice is to act accordingly and limit the "exposure" on social media.