Have you ever been on a road trip and saw purple paint on trees or posts along the side of the road? Well, it turns out that purple paint actually has a very important meaning.

If you see the purple paint, consider it a warning to trespassers. Currently, 10 states, including Texas, Arkansas, and Florida use the color purple as a way to say "No Trespassing" on property.

The reason behind using the color purple wasn't just a preference that everyone agreed on, but instead chosen because it is one of the only colors that colorblind people can easily identify.


The "purple paint rule" started in Arkansas back in 1989 and has been adopted by numerous states so that landowners wouldn't have to constantly keep replacing signs. The purple markings can be painted on posts or trees and must be visibly placed between three and five feet from the ground.

The law states that the paint must be marked in vertical lines a minimum of eight inches long and at least one inch wide.

The next time you're on vacation in Destin; or maybe a weekend road-trip to Houston, Austin or Dallas, keep an eye out for the purple paint. In addition to Texas and Florida, other states with the purple paint rules include Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Maine, Idaho, Kansas, Montana and Arizona.

Do you think Louisiana and other states should adopt this rule? Comment below!


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