We have heard of various style rings that change color according to your mood, but now a CAR?!?!? Yes, the French car manufacturer Peugeot has come out with a car that changes color daily and the color is said to reflect the mood you may be in. How you ask, heat sensors in the steering wheel read the body temperature and pulse rate of the driver and changes the exterior color of the car accordingly.




Engineers with the manufacturer say that with a lot of hard work and research they have come up with an  innovative reactive paint to change its body color in order to reflect its owner's emotions, be it happy, sad or anything in between.

While this is way cool in my opinion, I think what is really cool is that others may be able to see the color of your car change right before their own eyes. Imagine, you are in a GREAT mood on a Friday and then you hit traffic on Ambassador Caffery or Johnston Street while leaving work. Suddenly, while stuck in traffic your joyous mood goes from happy to frustration. While your blood pressure and body temperature suddenly begins to rise, the color of your car will reflect the change and drivers alongside you will be able to witness it firsthand. I have a strong feeling that because of traffic in Lafayette, if I owned the Peugeot RCZ, the color of my car would be changing quiet a bit.