One bridesmaid has become an overnight viral sensation after the videographer at a wedding captured her perfectly rapping along to some of rap's biggest songs. The bridesmaid has gotten so much attention that one of music's biggest names has begun following her on social media.

Instagram via @brooklyn.staggss
Instagram via @brooklyn.staggss

Weddings can be made or broken by the bridal party. If those who are closest to the newlyweds aren't ready to show-up and show-out, then the whole party could be a flop. Thankfully for one bride, a bridesmaid came to the event ready to sing along to every song the DJ played.

No seriously, she knows every word.

Instagram via @brooklyn.staggss
Instagram via @brooklyn.staggss

The videographer responsible for capturing the magical moments at this wedding must have noticed how much this one bridesmaid was enjoying herself, as she ended up getting quite a bit of shine on camera.

Check out one of the clips of the rapping bridesmaid that @simsational_memories posted via Instagram below.

The bridesmaid was perfectly reciting 'Lil Baby's' verse on Drake's song "Wants and Needs". Apparently, the performance was stellar enough to catch the attention of Drake himself.

Drake Follows Rapping Bridesmaid on Instagram


The first thing I noticed when seeing Brooklin Staggs instagram page was the note under her linked TikTok page that said, "Followed by champagnepapi". At first, I thought this meant that both Brooklyn and I followed Drake. But then I dug a little deeper to find that one of the world's biggest artists, Drake, does in fact follow the rapping bridesmaid.


Quite the nod from Drake to follow the young woman who so expertly performed one of his songs at a wedding reception. Of course, it wasn't only Drake's music who the bridesmaid was rapping to.

Check out another clip that went viral via @brooklen.staggs on Instagram here.

This time, the rapping bridesmaid was reciting a track from the late rapper 'King Von'.

Some Twitter users have now pointed out that the rapping bridesmaid is making the most out of her newfound viral-status.

At the time this story was being written, the rapping bridesmaid has amassed over 330k views on her TikTok page with one of these clips.

Kudos to Staggs for making the most out of her moment in the sun. More importantly, shoutout to Staggs for bringing the energy that plenty Brides must want out of their bridesmaids on their big day.

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