This is gross.

A huge rat was spotted crawling across a man on a subway in New York, while he was asleep.

The rat, which looks to be about the size of a squirrel, runs up the man's leg then proceeds to run across his torso, then ultimately making its way up to his neck.

When the man wakes up, he feels the rat on his shoulder and swipes at it, not knowing yet was has been crawling over him.


When he stands up the rat falls to the floor and goes on its way.

If you hate rodents as much as I do, this video will make you squirm in her chair.

As a reminder, if you're going to be on a subway anytime soon, DO NOT fall asleep, you could be next!

As you may expect, this isn't the first time a rat is spotted on a subway in New York. Check out this rat on a subway as it slides down a pole.


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