Ever look down at your golf ball at TopGolf and think, I better be careful of snakes? Of course not. Nor do the golfers at a TopGolf in Arizona, until now.

You would never think to look at the ball dispenser at TopGolf to make sure you're not about to find your ball being delivered by a rattlesnake. This story might change that.

According to The Tribune, a large rattlesnake was removed from the Arizona TopGulf by snake catcher Marissa Maki with Rattlesnake Solutions.

The rattlesnake was found in the ball dispenser before the course had opened for the day. It was safely removed before any customers arrived.

Apparently, the TopGolf is surrounded by a desert and this is not the first time a snake has been removed. Maki told The Tribune, "I wouldn't say it's an unusual place to find one.

Video Posted by Rattlesnake Solutions

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