Red solo cups have been a staple in our lives for what feels like forever, but some people are still making an interesting discovery when it comes to the popular party cup.

Even if you live in a cave, chances are you've sipped from a red solo cup at some point during your time here on earth—but were you aware that you're pretty much holding a measuring cup? It feels like a tidbit of information that always flares up on the internet every few years and 2020 is seeing a new wave of social media users whose minds are blown when they realize what the lines represent.

Full disclosure: Back in 2012, the company that manufactures the popular cup actually came out and said the lines were pretty much a happy accident.

Although the lines on our Solo cups match up pretty closely with common liquid measurements, they aren't meant for that.

Here's a case where "close enough" is actually "good enough"—because even though the lines aren't perfect measurements, people are realizing that they have definitely been overindulging when it comes to certain beverages based on their average pour.

This particular iteration might be the most accurate.

Somehow I've been left with more questions than answers; like why would I ever care about measuring wine if I was desperate enough to be drinking it from a plastic solo cup in the first place. Also, that small liquor line at the bottom HAS to be wrong and I don't ever think it will be acceptable to pour a beer into a solo cup without it foaming over.

A lot of the newer Solo cups are moving away from the classic design and focusing on "thumb grips" (also known as indentions, lol) which may be a focus on the fact that people who are clearly overpouring need to make sure they're holding on to these cups in their inebriated state of mind.

Were you hip to the "measurement" lines? If not, will you be paying attention next time you pour?

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