Make sure the next time you steal from a store that you take a job application with you, because it could change your life forever.  Sometimes I think it should be mandatory for a mother of 4 to work as a cashier..........they just seem to say the right thing for any occasion.

In Florida, 17-year-old Cody Conner held up an employee at an adult super store at gun point the other day to help out his grandparents will their hospital bills(Ok so he really is a good kiddo except for the gun).  Granted he never actually went through with it since the cashier, who is a mother by the way, talked some sense into him before he could do the deed.  Not only did she get him to turn away from making a big mistake, she got him to fill out a job application at the store!  This is totally believable since most teenage boys would kill to work in a store like this.  If you wondering how the cashier was able to stop the young all started with her words of wisdom,

don't do this, it's not worth it." via

I guess its the 'motherly instinct' to bond because the employee talked to the robber for almost 20 minutes, hugged him, and they even smoked a cigarette together.  My first thought about this is that I guess she forgot to mention to the young man that you must be 18 years or older on purpose, because she immediately turned in the job application to the local authorities(what a sneak.....he probably really wanted that job).

Personally if I would ever meet this mom, I would have two things to say to her: 1.) You should so be a police negotiation officer for this little disarming trick.  2.) Why are you still working in an adult store with 4 children?

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