NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made it quite clear this week that as the NFL Lockout drags out, it is getting closer and closer to having to cancel the first NFL Pre-Season game. The commissioner told NFL owners that while he doesn't have a date circled on the calendar to begin canceling games, he knows that the time is coming soon for a decision. The league canceled its annual rookie symposium this week. It was the first formal casualty of the lockout that began on March 12. The preseason is scheduled to kick off on Aug. 7, with the regular season scheduled on Sept. 8.

While the players and the league have been in negotiations as of late, there doesn't really seem to be an end to this lockout in the near future. Neither side has really given-in, and that doesn't favor the preseason starting on time. The commissioner did note in a recent interview that he and the league are aware of how fan's feel, and hope to not disappoint any of them.