You've got to see this to believe it! An unmanned electric golf cart wreaked havoc at Cowboys Stadium during the post-game of a High School Championship Saturday night.  Spring (Texas) Dekaney head coach, Willie Amendola, was being interviewed while several others stood by around the midfield when a runaway golf cart slammed into the group at full speed!

Most of the group was knocked down while Amendola was thrown into the passenger's seat of the cart as it sped down the field and tried to gain control but was unsuccessful.  Amendola fell to the turf about 20 yards from where the cart made it's initial impact.

A field worker eventually managed to jump into the cart and bring it to a complete stop. As for what caused the cart to seemingly become "possessed" and take off on it's own is still unclear, but numerous viewers say that some of the pylons that the stadium workers were stacking on the cart as they were cleaning up the field were placed near the accelorator.

In the video below, you can hear that the announcer, still on the air, was shaken as he watched the carnage take place.

"We have a disturbance down the field," he said. "Apparently one of the carts on the field got loose and I think there have been some folks injured in this. Oh my! That's like a runaway cart there. And it finally took someone to stop it. That's a scary thing."

[via HighSchoolRivals]

Many that were grazed were checked out by emergency workers, and one man who was conscious was taken the hospital with a leg injury. Be sure to watch BOTH videos below, and don't feel bad if you find yourself giggling a little at the second one, because I laughed too.

Runaway Cart Mows Down Crowd At Cowboys Stadium

Runaway Cart Mows Down Crowd At Cowboys Stadium - Ridin Dirty Remix