I don't know where all this fan on fan violence has come from as of late, but another sports related incident is making headlines. This past Saturday in the parking lot of a Georgia Applebee's, a New Orleans Saints fan fired shots at two San Francisco 49ers fans following San Fran's playoff win over the the Black & Gold.

Donald Ayro wasn't happy with the way Chris Middleton and Corey Adams were cheering for the 49ers during the game, so he waited for nearly 2 hours in the restaurant parking lot for them to exit. Once both men were outside, Ayro shot both men, grazing Middleton in the back of his head and nailing Adams with another bullet directly in the stomach area.

According to the SF Examiner, Applebee's saved the day.

doctors told Adams' family that "the food [from Applebee's] buffered the bullet," which "prevent[ed] more serious damage inside his body.

[via SFExaminer]

I don't think Applebee's will use this in any upcoming advertising campaigns, but we really have to ease up on all this fan on fan violence!

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