Who approved this?

A number of folks on Twitter are asking why Santa's boots in the Target cookie set resembles his junk.

The three-packs of dipped Oreos for $4 for Christmas, but it's not the price or taste that has the internet buzzing. Santa's boots look NOTHING like it should.

As a matter of fact, his boots in this cookie set resembles something part of the male anatomy. Now, like many of you, I too will be looking for these while out shopping in the days ahead.

The New York Post reports that Target was unaware of the design and a rep had this to say to the Post, “We have not received any feedback directly on this item. The design is intended to represent Santa’s boots. We appreciate the feedback and will take it into consideration moving forward.”

Imagine sending these cookies to school with your kid. On the other hand, don't do that.

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