New Orleans Saints Coach, Sean Payton, is speaking out against guns just days after one of his former players was shot to death in New Orleans.

Payton did an interview with USA Today Sports after Will Smith was shot to death in New Orleans and he said that not everyone needs a gun in this country. Coach Payton said in the interview that "he hates guns."

Sean Payton said in the interview that he researched the weapon used to kill his former team captain, a .45 caliber gun, and hinted that people don't need these type weapons in their hands. The Super Bowling winning coach said that these type guns were designed to kill and that they are extremely dangerous weapons.

Smith's friend and former coach even said that when "the right to bear arms" was constructed it wasn't intended for this.

The Saints coach, who is an icon in the city of New Orleans, said that their city "is broken." And like Sean Payton, several current and former athletes, have said the same thing about New Orleans after this recent tragedy.

The man who shot Will Smith and his wife after a road-rage incident is currently in police custody.