Sure all schools and universities have their own form of partying, but let's face it, some schools do it better than the rest. In a recent survey conducted by MyPlan, these schools and universities party the most and party the hardest. And yes, Louisiana is WELL REPRESENTED in the Top-100!!!Now while this survey may be based solely on opinion, I have to think that there is some truth to this list. If enough people recognize a campus for it's partying  habits there has to be some "good times" happening on the respective campus.

With so many high school seniors now having to decide where to attend school in the months ahead, I think that this type list may have SOME influence on any graduating high school senior's decision. Sure, we all want to believe that those attending college go to school for an education, yet in the back of our minds we all know that the "party scene" is a contributing factor in deciding where to attend school.

In this list, two Louisiana universities are well-represented. Louisiana State University, LSU, ranks has the NUMBER-1 school in the country when it comes to partying. Sure we know what it's like for any tailgate party at LSU, but you should see the parties at fraternity and sorority homes. In addition to that, with some many bars and pubs surrounding the campus, the survey takes into account the amount of partying that also happens off-campus. At number two is Tulane University in New Orleans. Now while Tulane may be viewed as a university that takes education seriously, there is obviously some partying going on at Tulane. Plus, being in New Orleans probably doesn't hurt.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette, UL, did make the Top-100 list in schools that party the hardest. UL ranks at number 42, but we all know that the students at UL party hard. The list is always updating, but see if your school has made the list.


For the complete list of schools on the Top-100 list, visit MyPlan

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