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The expectations have been high in New Orleans since the wonderful draft class of 2017 but it's been nothing but staying at the heartbreak hotel since then when it comes to the playoffs. The Minnesota Miracle, the Nola No Call, the Rudolph Push-off That Wasn't its been agonizing and we're not sure how much longer this Super Bowl window will be open for...

This is probably going to be Drew Brees' last shot at winning another Super Bowl ring to help cement his legacy unless he surprises us and comes back for another season after this, but for all intents and purposes, this is it.

When I look at this team and the roster make-up you've gotta love it, they're deep at just about every position and seem to have just about everything it takes to win a Super Bowl.

However, at second glance there are some guys who I feel have something to prove with their own play heading into the 2020 season, hopefully, there is a 2020 season (knock on wood).

So, as I scan the roster there are seven guys that stand out to me who have something to prove.

Rankings come to you via Pro Football Focus and stats via Pro-Football-Reference.

Saints With Something to Prove


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