A seven-year-old in South Dakota girl is undergoing plastic surgery to have her "cup ears" fixed just to avoid bullying on the playground. While her parents have decided to go through with this for the better of their daughter, now it appears that they are taking heat for their recent decision.Opponents of this decision say that the parents are "giving in" to the bullies, and that this is a victory for those picking. However, one may argue, what about when kids get braces for their teeth, or other common procedures? Are those cosmetic procedures not "giving in" likewise?

Her doctor says that children who have "abnormalities" like hers are less popular, which makes their developing self-esteem lower.

Tonight on the show I ask, mom and dad, would you go as far as these parents for your kids(s)? If it meant that your kid would no longer be "picked on," would you consider plastic surgery for them?