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Shark attacks in New Orleans are very uncommon, but it's known amongst locals that there are bull sharks in the murky waters of Lake Pontchartrain.

Trent a 7-year-old form New Orleans described the shark attack as a row of knives being stuck into his foot.

Trent was swimming in the Lake Friday afternoon when the shark attack happened. He, along with his family, were enjoying an evening swim while sail boating when the attack happened.

According to NOLA.com, the mother, Shelly Trentacosta, ventured out to the middle of the lake with her friends sailboat. She said that conditions were perfect, very clear and calm on the lake that day. So, she threw out the anchor and they went swimming.

From my own experience, the lake can be very very rough. As a kid, the only time my parents would let me swim in the lake was when it was calm.  I would always go into the lake with no worries and swim all day. I can see why she let her little boy go in.

The kids were having a great time according to Mrs. Trentacosta. They were all bunched up and playing together when Trent started screaming. Then Mrs. Trentacosta jumped into the lake and swimming towards him. She then noticed a lot of blood when she grabbed his leg.

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She then put the boy on the boat and brought him straight to the doctor. Once the doctor cleaned him up that's when they got the news it was a "Shark Attack!"

Mrs. Trentacosta said they have been swimming in the lake for years and the thought of a shark attack would have never crossed her mind.

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