A heartbreaking and shocking situation unfolded in Katy, Texas, on Saturday morning. A couple was out for their morning walk when they made a horrific discovery.

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Police were called by a couple who discovered a naked newborn baby wrapped in a towel on a bridge over a creek. When police arrived, the witnesses who collected the baby shared the disbelief and shock that they experienced.

Daniela Fedele told KHOU that she immediately started yelling to her husband that there was a newborn baby on the ground.

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In the video you can see her dog run over to where the baby was after she made the shocking discovery. The temperature at this time in Katy, Texas, was soaring in the high 90s, much too hot for a newborn to survive long in. The couple just so happened to be in the right place, at the right time.

I noticed two little feet moving and then my husband was right behind me with the dogs and I yelled to my husband and I’m like, Oh my God, a baby, a baby

Her husband starts yelling to call 911 "and that's what we did" Fedele says. They called 911 and then turned their attention to the baby.

Once my husband went ahead and picked up the baby, he found the nearest, like tree, right there at the house down the street. He found a little shade

The baby still had her umbilical cord intact when Fedele found her. The sheriff confirmed this in his statement, and she "still had fresh placenta … so it was freshly born" at some point that morning.

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She tells KHOU that she went through so many emotions upon making this discovery unexpectedly.

I was shocked, I was mad, I was upset. You can drop it off at a fire station, a police station, a hospital, I don’t know… but don’t leave the baby.

Once the Police arrived, the couple handed the baby girl over to authorities, who then transported her to Methodist Hospital in Katy, Texas.

While the baby is said to be in good condition despite being abandoned in the Texas heat, authorities are looking for answers.

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