They aren't the only ones.

A listener sent me this photo from the drive-thru at Krystal Burger reportedly in the New Orleans area and while I am shocked to see it, I actually understand it.

The sign left on the speaker by management says that they had to close to go and get the cook.

While this may be entertaining for most, the reality is fast food restaurants, like others, are struggling to find workers in 2022.

This is NOT the first business forced to close temporarily due to staff shortages, Just last week in Lafayette, a very popular restaurant had to close for the day due to staff shortages.

Here's the sign that was sent to us and we hope that those who were left without returned to support the man who prepped their meal.

Listener Submitted
Listener Submitted

I do want to note that according to Krystal Burger's Facebook page, they are looking for dependable workers, and here's how to apply.



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