What would you do?

Someone filmed a snake on the mirror of their vehicle as they traveled down a highway and there's no way I'd ever get out of this vehicle if it was still on it upon reaching my destination.

You can see as the snake slithers over the mirror and then ultimately makes its way onto the hood of the vehicle.

The Sun via Twitter
The Sun via Twitter

Snakes will soon be on the move and as far-fetched, as this may look, we've had videos sent to us in the past of snakes on vehicles in Acadiana.

With that said, keep an eye out for snakes if you're going to be in the yard or flowerbeds in the weeks ahead.

After seeing this, you may even want to inspect the vehicle as Spring temperatures ramp up across the south.

Check out this creepy video as this snake takes the ride of its life.

Here's what someone on social media about this snake on the vehicle. To be fair, this snake likely came from beneath the vehicle as it started to roll.


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